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Islamabad Development and Welfare Council


Islamabad Development and Welfare Council (IDWC) was established in 2012 to ensure the balanced and rapid development of poor and needy especially woman and minorities in rural areas of Islamabad, with an objective to identify, develop and arrange Vocational, Technical / Professional and IT Training Programs and to provide free medical care and basic health facilities .


The council is presided over by Dr. Hassan Sarosh Akram, chaired by Dr. Muahmmad Amjad and includes representatives of all Union Councils of Islamabad. Four vocational centers have been established in collaboration with Pervez Musharraf Foundation in Bari Imam, Bara Kahu, Ali Pur Farash and Shareefabad. Two other centers in Gokeena and Rawat will be functional soon. More than 200 female students are enrolled in IT and Stitching classes. The training programs are flexible and cost effective so that maximum participation of woman in ensured.