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Relief and Rescue

Medical Relief Center at F-10


Physically seeing the pathetic conditions of injured in affectd areas and over crowding of hospitals, Sheltar visioned to establish a Medical Relief Center at Islamabad so as to save innocent lives.

All resources in terms of men, material & finance were initiated, coordinated & managed by Sheltar. A hospital comprising of 400 beds was established at F-10 Markaz, Islamabad equipped with the following facilities:

  • Treatment and services of full fledged hospital
  • Separate wards for male, female and children
  • Round-theclock availability of qualified doctors/nurses/staff
  • Provision of free-of-cost medicines and surgical supplies
  • Free food & purified drinking water
  • Free clothing & financial assistance
  • 24 hours working
  • Free boarding & lodging for hundreds of attendants
  • Provision of wheel chairs, clutches and clothing to needy patients upon discharge
  • Tents, beds, mattresses, bedding etc.