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Vety Care (Pvt.) Ltd.

In Mid 80s, Vety-Care has started its business with a single source Import of veterinary drugs with a single employee doing business in a single market.

Vety Care (Pvt) Ltd. Was founded in 1986 to improve animal health care and poultry farming facilities through import of branded drugs and farming equipments. This distribution setup now proudly represents the world’s leading veterinary pharma manufactures:

1.         MSD Animal Heath - Intervet , Holland.

2.         Bremer Pharma, Germany

 Thanks to the single-minded determination to provide best veterinary products & services. Today we are country leaders in Veterinary with the size, scope and expertise that surely corresponds the founder’s most exaggerated expectations. Our founder is no one else but the acting CEO whose leadership and vision continues to inspire our future

The Funding Source of Sheltar.