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President's Profile


Dr. Muhammad Amjad is a successful business entrepreneur, an active social worker, Former Federal Minister for Inter-provincial Coordination and a prominent politician recognized both at National & International level. He began his business expedition single handedly in mid-eighties by importing the good quality pharmaceuticals from abroad. With the hard work, determination and resolution, the business has expanded many folds with the addition of state of the art local pharmaceuticals and poultry feed manufacturing units and breeding of chicken at Grand Parent level.


Currently Dr. Muhammad Amjad is the Chief Executive Officer of Canyon Enterprises (PVt) Ltd- a housing and recreational resort, Vety-Care (Pvt) Ltd- a manufacturing & distribution company of veterinary medicine, Leads Pharma (Pvt) Ltd- a manufacturing & distribution company of human medicine, & La-Montana Restaurant. He is also looking after Quality Breeders- a manufacturing & sale of feeds Company as Director and The Saphirre Grand Banquet Hall & Business Centre, Toronto as President. His business group is supporting over six hundered families and contributing their share in Income Tax over 600 million per annum. Being the CEO of pharmaceutical production unit, he has been involved in Research & Development of different Pharmaceutical products and was able to achieve ISO 9001-2000 Quality Managmenet System based on design/research & development of Pharma & Biological products.


Dr. Muhammad Amajd was elected President of Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC) which was established to regulate registration, practice & conduct of Veterinarians and to establish uniform standard of basic and higher qualification in verterinary and animal husbandry education in Pakistan.


Dr. Muhammad Amjad is the founder President and financier of SHELTAR International, a leading NGO established since 1999 as a Society for Health, Empowerment, Literacy and Rehabilitation of the deprived & deserving masses. The SHALTER’s principal objectives are to bring social and behavioral change in the system, through mass awareness and community participation. He was also appointed as Secretary General to Pervez Musharraf Foundation (PMF) in 2010. The foundation was established when pakistan was hit with a massive flood in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa, South Punjab and Sindh. He built houses in south Punjab and also distributed various goods amongst the poor people in flood affected areas. At present, 15 centres of PMF are working all over the country under his dynamic leadership.


He started his political career way back in October, 1999 when Pervez Musharraf took over the role of building Pakistan as moderate, progressive coutnry. The initial days of his political career helped him to learn the very basic ethics and norms of politics till he activley participated in the genral referendum of Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf and was appointed as President Federal Capital of Pakistan Muslim League. All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) was initially conceived and organized by Dr. Muhammad Amjad and he was given the role of Senior Vice President as well as organizer of the party. Currtely Dr. Amajd is the Chief Coordinator/Senior Vice Presidnet of APML.


Keeping in view the ideological and progressive approach of his party and deep desire and enthusiasm of the inhabitants and representatives of National Assembly (NA) Constituency number  49 - Islamabad, Dr. Mohammad Amjad hass publicly announced to contest elections from NA - 49 from the platform of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML).


Dr. Amjad's personal sense of pain for social living activated him with the mission to alleviate miseries, sufferings and empower humanity to fight away the menaces. He is grateful to Allah and the people around him especially his family & friends who have always encouraged and supported him with his noble missions.



President's Profile