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Static Health Clinics

Tarnol Dispensary

November 05 2004

Sheltar has established health clinic at Tarnol in November 2004, which is also providing basic health facilities like free consultancy, medicine, emergency medical treatment to poor people. 

Health Dispensary at G-6

January 02 2004

In January 2004, Sheltar established static health clinic, which was inaugurated by Mrs. Raheela Yahya, Parliamentary Secretary for Health. The clinic has successfully served more than 3000 patients in a year. Following facilities are being provided:

 · Emergency medical Treatment
 · Free Consultation by Medical Specialist
 ·  Free medicine to the deserving patients
 ·  Thorough medical examination of referred patients from Mobile camps and advice to the obstetric, gynecological and pediatric patients
 ·  Providing awareness of basic health issues pertaining to women and children.
 ·  Education regarding safe motherhood and identification of risk.

Static Health Clinics

January 01 2004

A genuine requirement of medical clinic equipped with all medical facilities has been strongly felt where the destitute citizens can have basic health facilities and which can also provide proper feedback of patients from  medical camps as well. Similarly Sheltar is resolute in its demand for provision of proper health facilities for the neglected localities like Christian Colonies and Katchi Abadies etc of urban areas of Islamabad.