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Relief and Rescue

Relief And Rescue Activities During The Earthquake In 2005



The disaster of 8th October was a dilemma, which resulted in unprecedented loss of men and material. The scale of this catastrophe was stunning. This was clearly the worst natural disaster in Pakistan’s history. The impact was totally devastating, a generation has been lost, livestock killed, livelihood destroyed and survivors are facing unbearable human sufferings. Children have orphaned, the women have been rendered destitute and thousand of people have been disabled and are suffering from psychological trauma.

The Government, the people of Pakistan, International Community and Civil Society groups all galvanized, jelled into one and reached out to affected areas for help. The response was over whelming and heart warming. These concerted efforts of National cohesion will remain indelibly etched in our minds.

Sheltar committed for the welfare and wellbeing of masses of Pakistan, rose to the occasion once again. The team of Sheltar stepped forward, reached out to the affected areas and conducted relief/ rescue work. Sheltar implemented a plan for prompt and effective measures for earthquake affectees.

Sheltar stood by with the Government at this critical juncture and rendered a huge helping hand in line with the policies set forth.

Medical Relief Center at F-10


Physically seeing the pathetic conditions of injured in affectd areas and over crowding of hospitals, Sheltar visioned to establish a Medical Relief Center at Islamabad so as to save innocent lives.

All resources in terms of men, material & finance were initiated, coordinated & managed by Sheltar. A hospital comprising of 400 beds was established at F-10 Markaz, Islamabad equipped with the following facilities:

  • Treatment and services of full fledged hospital
  • Separate wards for male, female and children
  • Round-theclock availability of qualified doctors/nurses/staff
  • Provision of free-of-cost medicines and surgical supplies
  • Free food & purified drinking water
  • Free clothing & financial assistance
  • 24 hours working
  • Free boarding & lodging for hundreds of attendants
  • Provision of wheel chairs, clutches and clothing to needy patients upon discharge
  • Tents, beds, mattresses, bedding etc.


Relief Camp At PIMS



The entire nation was at crossroad. It was a call for courageous, dedicated and selfless people to respond. SHELTAR immediately setup a Relief Camp at PIMS Hospital Islamabad, for giving the support to the patients in shape of food etc. The dedicated team of Sheltar put their full energies in the relief activities and provided the following support round the clock.

  • First Aid
  • Medical Attention
  • Psychological Therapy
  • Medicines
  • Basic Necessities
  • Food including Sehar and Iftar


Helped the IDPs came from SWAT


A military operation was launched against the miscreants in Malakand Division in April, 2009. The operation internally displaced a large number of families from the area. These families shifted to the nearby districts of Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa. Though a majority of these temporarily displaced families have returned back to their areas, a need was felt to compensate them in the form of cash assistance for a limited period of time.

Sheltar International took the step and helped the IDPs came from SWAT with their residential problems.

Aid was given to IDPs of Waziristan