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February 18 2013

A Healthy Society, A Better & Prosperous Future


Good health is the first step towards a happy, fulfilling life. Yet vast segments of the population do not have access to proper nutrition nor medical care. Even the provision of the most rudimentary information about good health is scarce in our part of the world. A lack of health education, proper medical facilities and knowledge of cheaper traditional and alternative medicines has compounded this problem to epidemic proportion.

Health has been our primary target ever since the establishment of SHELTAR. Lack of health facilities is the basic problem of our country and main hindrance in the progress of country. More than 70% of our population is deprived of basic health facilities. The fact that needs to be accentuated is that most of Basic Health Units are not providing satisfactory health amenities. Therefore rural population remains marginalized when it comes to the availability of basic health care facilities.